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Human qualities and professional skills

Marinette GUY


Early childhood educator, creator and manager of Pomme d'Happy 

  • French, living in Bulgaria for 12 years

  • Mom of a little boy of 5 years 

  • More than 15 years of experience in various early childcare facilities

  • Specialized in child development, pedagogies and parental support

I wanted to create a place which suits me, more complete than the existing facilities and with a high quality of service.

I love following families through the years and supporting parents in their educational role. You are the first educators of your children and we are here to give you confidence!



Childcare worker

Lorena Rios Mendès comes from Argentina. She holds a diploma of teaching sports to school age children. After spending 16 years in Spain and 4 years in Mexico she has settled in Bulgaria. Lorena has a broad and varied teaching experience in different fields and institutions such as schools, kindergartens, universities with specialties in high-performance sports (swimming, rhythmic and athletic gymnastics, etc.) She is also experienced in team sports like baseball and even training adults in Pilates. Lorena enjoys sharing time with children and observing their development by teaching them to discover the wonderful world of movement and gross motor skills.

“A child’s smile makes me feel like I have been awarded and accomplished my task.”

Lorena's educational methods are a reflection of her dynamism and overflowing imagination and her original activity proposals are inspired by new pedagogies such as Montessori. In Lorena’s presence children are thriving and unleashing their creativity while at the same time being reassured by her gentle authority...

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